Terms & Conditions

  • All classes, except preschool 2-3 & 3-4yr ones, are subject to a maximum class size of 10 per coach . Once each group is full, all additional requests will go on a waiting list for the first available slot.
  • Class groups 2-3 & 3-4yrs old will involve caregiver supervision and assistance, guidance will be given. Maximum class size of 14 per coach.
  • Class groups 4 plus,  4-5yrs  and above do not required caregiver supervision.
  • If you need to bring siblings, they will be welcome as long as they don't disturb and distract children in the class. You will require to supervise them and they are not allowed to use the equipment.
  • Eating during the class session is not allowed
  • Class request will only be confirmed with full payment of the term fees.
  • Please note that there are no refunds after the commencement of the term or holiday programme. We do not offer make up classes if your child is unable to attend .
  • Registrations are non transferable.
  • Cancelled registrations received more than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the term or holiday programme, fees received will be refunded in full.
  • If cancellation is received less than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the term or holiday programme $30 administration fee applies.
  • Families booking 3 or more children will be given a 10% discount for the 3 rd and subsequent children.  Please contact us to discuss since this doesn't apply to all our programme.
  • If you want to pay by cheque or cash, while the online registration is being completed, please write the payment option chosen in the other notes box ie "paid by Cheque", then select internet banking in this online registration form and click on "Make Booking"
  • Gym Kids terms classes follow the school term.
  • Some locations may have less number of classes if affected by a public holiday. Fees will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Gym Kids reserves all rights to either cancel any current booking or deny participation in its activities to any individual at their discretion and no refunds will be given in these circumstances either. 
  • I acknowledge that Gym Kids nor its coaches will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from  or in connection with the activities and I waive all and any claims whatsoever against Gym Kids and its coaches in this respect. 
  • Photos may be taking for promotional purposes during  the delivery of any of our programme. By accepting these terms and conditions you give us consent to do so.
  • I grant Gym Kids rights to use any pictures taken to my child for any of its publication and advertising purposes.
  • Gym kids holiday programme are for children 4.5-11yr old. 
  • There are discounts available in our holiday programme when you make a booking for  2 or more of the same type of  session for the same child.  

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Just wanted to say:

Gym kids currently runs weekly after school gymnastics classes in our school auditorium. They are well attended and parents are very positive about the opportunity provided locally for their children. Teachers have also comment on the increase ability and confidence of those students who attend Gym Kids classes.


Sandra - Principal of Pt Chevalier Primary School